from Greece to the world

We aim to be leaders in Greek food import and export, focusing on service excellence through a commitment to superior value and quality.


The birth of AGORA begins with a team of international food traders, dedicated to importing handpicked Greek and Mediterranean products. Our experts specialize in the import and export of food and beverages, sourced primarily from organic, family-owned farmers and local Greek producers. 

We are proud to offer the region’s widest range of world-class Mediterranean food products, from olive oil to honey, feta cheese to oregano. Your gateway to Europe begins at AGORA. 


Who Are We? 

AGORA Deli is a family-owned business with a vision to bring the beauty of Greece, down to the finest detail, to Bahrain.

Taste you can trust!


At AGORA we are invested in providing the best. With industry experience, commitment to sourcing the best, and in line with the European Union’s stringent standards and import rules, we curate trustworthy products from across Europe. Our commitment to food authenticity, consumer safety standards and food and feed hygiene delivers across manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and beyond.



Nothing tastes better than Local

Nothing tastes better than local. AGORA believes in supporting local food producers and farmers in Greece to deliver healthier products, empower hardworking individuals, and make environmentally conscious decisions. This is about more than delivering food, it’s about building long-term partnerships.

Building Partnerships

Looking for a business partner in food product development? Learn more about what AGORA can do for your business; from packaging and logistics to customer service. Contact AGORA today and experience one-of-a-kind Greek favorites.

The AGORA Philosophy

The Greek Islands are renowned for high quality, natural ingredients - from olive to cheese, fruit and more. AGORA is stocked with the very best from our pantry to your plate, without compromising quality, authenticity, or affordability.

Taste the difference. Taste AGORA.