Bioaroma Crete Komi Organic Hair Conditioner 100ml


The serum multiplies the moisturizing and antioxidant action of both day and night cream, as a result of which the skin looks youthful and firm. Its concentrated composition is rich in water elements and vitamins which activate the production of collagen and smooth the contour of the face. Thenagelis anti-aging face & eye serum is suitable for all skin types. It is absorbed immediately, leaving a cool and velvety feeling on the face.

The key to effective anti-aging care lies in cell renewal and the fight against free radicals. Pure essential oils, natural extracts and aloe vera gel compose an excellent anti-aging formula that penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin with immediate visible results. The combination of the essential oils of Dittany, Cistus & Helichryse, due to their rich antioxidant ingredients, aims at the renewal of skin cells and the restoration of skin elasticity, giving it a youthful appearance and radiance.

As you age, your skin becomes thinner and loses its ability to hold water.
Theangelis concentrated anti-aging eye and face serum is produced from aloe and extracts of Dittany, Cistus & Helichryse. The fatty acids or lipids contained in the extracts are a key component of the skin itself. Their compatibility with human skin makes them useful and absolutely necessary in our daily care. They have a nourishing, moisturizing, emollient and very strong antioxidant effect. They form a fatty film on the surface of the skin and thus prevent the evaporation of water. They maintain the elasticity of the skin.

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