Delicious ground nuts variety that is being cultivated in Ammoudia village near Kerkini Lake in North Greece with Pistachios from the island of Aegna, Nissi's variety of spreads will surely impress any consumer looking for premium quality products.

Organic Kalamata Olive Spread 190g
Kalamon olives, sea salt, extra virgin olive oil, spices.
22.00 AED 22.0 AED
Greek Fig Jam (without Sugar) 240g
Greek Strawberry 100% fruit
29.00 AED 29.0 AED
Greek Strawberry Jam 85% 240g
Greek Strawberry 85% , natural sugar & lemon juice.
26.50 AED 26.5 AED
Greek Bergamot Sweet (without Sugar) 240g
Greek Bergamot 100% fruit
29.00 AED 29.0 AED
Tarama 100% Cod Roe 200g
Traditional Organically sourced 100% COD Fish Roe; used for greek dips like Taramasalta & pasta dishes!
30.00 AED 30.0 AED
Merenda Dark Chocolate Spread 360g
This Pavlidis Dark Chocolate is the most famous bitter chocolate in Greece. It contains 43% pure cocoa and it considered really healthy.
32.50 AED 32.5 AED
Greek Basil Pesto 190g

Kalamon olives, sea salt, extra virgin olive oil, spices.
26.00 AED 26.0 AED
Greek Fig Jam 250g
Greek FIGS 85% sugar and lemon juice
24.00 AED 24.0 AED
Greek Pistachio Spread 190g
A luxury Spread with a 30% Pistachio content which makes for an intense and unique flavour. A must for pistachio lovers. In addition to its exceptional taste this spread also provides the strong nutritional benefits of pistachios which include more potassium and Vitamin K than any other nut.
39.50 AED 39.5 AED
Greek Rose Sweet from Chios Island 450g
Greek Roses & traditional syrup! Perfect for yogurt- cheesecakes & more!
33.50 AED 33.5 AED
Greek Smooth 100% Peanut Butter 300g
Peanut butter is an excellent source (> 19% of the Daily Value, DV) of protein, dietary fibre, vitamin E, pantothenic acid, niacin and vitamin B6 (t. Also high in content are the dietary minerals manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc and copper. Peanut butter is a good source (10–19% DV) of thiamine, iron and potassium. Both crunchy and smooth peanut butter are sources of saturated (primarily palmitic acid) and unsaturated fats (primarily oleic and linoleic acids).
25.00 AED 25.0 AED
33.00 AED 33.0 AED
Greek Sour Cherry Sweet 78% 320g
Sour Cherry 78% fruit
33.00 AED 33.0 AED
Greek Spicy Tomato Jam (without Sugar) 240g
Greek Spicy Tomato jam delicious with cheese toasts & feta!
24.00 AED 24.0 AED
Greek Strawberry Jam (without Sugar) 250g
Greek Strawberry 100% fruit
31.00 AED 31.0 AED
Greek Sun-Dried Tomatoes Pesto 190g
Kalamon olives, sea salt, extra virgin olive oil, spices.
24.00 AED 24.0 AED
Greek Wholegrain Tahini 500g
100% Greek Wholegrain Tahini pressed giving a beautiful earthy taste and smooth rich texture.
32.50 AED 32.5 AED
Organic Green Olive Spread 190g
Green Tapenade, Salt, Vinegar, Extra virgin Olive Oil 5%, Basil
22.00 AED 22.0 AED
Merenda Milk Chocolate Spread 360g
Merenda hazelnut spread is the Greek equivalent to Nutella. Made with hazelnuts, cocoa and milk, this spread has a chocolate taste that Greeks have loved for generations. Made in Greece.
32.50 AED 32.5 AED